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By Matthew Feargrieve

investment management consultant


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Matthew Feargrieve is an investment management consultant.


Matthew advises managers of investment funds and their investors on all aspects of maintaining and being invested in an investment fund, from initial capital raising, to managing withdrawals, to investor relations and, ultimately, wind-down.


Matthew has an interest in personal finance and investing in retail products such as mutual funds and ETFs, and enjoys commenting on financial matters of relevance to professional and private investors alike.   



Matthew Feargrieve guides you through the basics of investing and provides some investment tips and suggestions for your personal portfolio.



Matthew Feargrieve tells you what you need to know about investing in collective investment vehicles, also known as mutual funds.


Matthew Feargrieve explains the basics of personal finance and gives you some suggestions for investing your savings in investment funds.


Matthew Feargrieve takes you through the basics of building a diversified investment portfolio for your personal savings and retirement plan.


Matthew Feargrieve shares his views on stock market trends and how to adjust and consolidate your investment portfolio accordingly.



Matthew Feargrieve reviews the latest investing and stock market news in this investing blog.


Welcome to the

Matthew Feargrieve Investments Blog

Matthew Feargrieve is an investment management consultant. He advises managers of investment funds and their investors.


He works with investment professionals in all sectors and asset classes, including mutual funds, hedge funds, retail funds and ETFs, on operational issues including liquidity management, side letter arrangements and service agreements with counterparties like administrators and prime brokers.


When he is not advising fund managers, Matthew Feargrieve assists investors on their participation in all types of investment vehicles pursuing investment strategies in all industry sectors and asset classes, including mutual funds, investment trusts and exchange traded funds (ETFs).


Investors in these financial products seek advice from Matthew Feargrieve on routine matters such as subscriptions and redemptions, share classes, side letters and relations - including disputes - with the fund manager.

Feargrieve also advises investment managers and investment fund service providers on contractual documentation such as prime brokerage agreements, administration agreements and investment advisory agreements. He additionally arranges counterparty and service provider support platforms for investment professionals, including those working in the retail and alternative sectors.  


Matthew Feargrieve brings to bear his experience of working in the asset management industry to comment on all aspects of financial and personal finance current affairs that are of interest to investors in retail investment funds like mutual funds, investment trusts and ETFs.

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